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Demon prince of Tzeentch with claws for my TS army 😬
Paint stripped and new team ready to get some color. Clasic necromancer team from Games Workshop 💪🏿☠️👻🧟‍♂️
I love paint tokens! 💀
Making a little break between commissions with this beautifull model from @rnestudio, perfect cast and sculpting!
“And make no mistake my lady, the dead are coming” Ser Davos knows what is coming to Bloodbowl fields 😂. Necromancer team from Vortice Miniatures, with bases and necromancer from Scibor and painted with @escoda_brushes. Uploading tonight better photos in ...
Team almost done! Few more details and let’s go to the photocall 💀 Necromancer team from Vortice Miniatures.
When you dont care if your players die, they already are 💀 commission work.
Another team close to be done :) I love paint dead things 💀💀💀 Necromancer team from @Vorticeminiatures painted with Vallejo and Citadel paints and @escoda_brushes
Working on the coach for the necromancer team and playing a little bit with osl. Amazing model from @sciborminiatures
Thanks a lot to all of you, Im on 5k followers! Thats incredible, I started this account like 4 years ago just because I was too lazy to upload the photos on my blog, and since there my life has ...
Short video of the process on the bases. Base was done with black, then some layers of Scuff Green from Vallejo, and then apply everywhere few layers of Fluo Green also from vallejo. Painting carefully the stones and trying not ...
Was thinking how to make nom dirt bases for the necromancer team untill a idea comes to my mind, what about a glowing green as Undercity from world of warcraft? Very early wip :)
Some of you asked about how I painted the mummy, here’s a little SbS about the process.
1. Tallarn sand base. Wash of Agrax Earthshade, and some areas with Druchii violet and Biel -tan green. To give it different tones ...
So happy today with my new brushes! A little clip of the unboxing with all the material that just arrived today, so let’s try them 😊. ◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️◾️Super contento hoy con mis nuevos pinceles de @escoda_brushes recién llegados al estudio! A ...
Let’s go back with some Bloodbowl! New commission on the way, Necromancer team from my friends of Vortice Miniatures. Second time painting this fellas so lets try something different :)
Some 360 video of Guilliman 💪🏿 thanks to all for the feedback on this one :)
Roboute Guilliman done :) thanks to all the good words from all of you during this short trip with the Primarch, you’re amazing! Soon better photos and some video 360º. 💪🏿
Final wips of Guilliman, a bit more of work on the sword and some reflects, the backpack and ready 😬😬
Actual progress with Guilliman, the body is close to be done and it was being time for the sword and head finally 😀. Really enjoying this guy (but my heart still being chaotic 😈)
More progress on Guilliman and first layers to the sword, I was tired of golds 😅
More progress on Guilliman Armour 💪🏿
Firsts steps on Guilliman, such a beatifull and detailed model... I have to control myself to not turn it in a chaos lord or demon prince 😂
Some better pics of the Dread, and now is turn for Guilliman, soon firsts photos of the progress :)
Librarian Dreadnought from de Blood Angels. Commission work. Painted with airbrush and Vallejo, P3 & Citadel paints. Hope you like it ☺️
Some of the parts painted in todays direct, thanks to all for watching, muchas gracias a todos los que os habéis pasado un ratillo a comentar la jugada y hacer compañia! 😍🙌🏻
Optimus Prime WIP 😂
Base and first edges on the ways. Good vibrations getting back my Airbrush after a time very upset with it... we are solving our problems 🤪
And some pics with all the family together and closest details. Its have been really fun to paint them but its time for the next project, some Blood Angels stuff ❗️
Ogres are done and ready to smash the field up! Soon photos of the entire team 💪🏿🏈. Commission work.
Final strokes on the Ogre team from @hungrytrollminiatures. 💪🏿

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