Emilio | @emiliothewheelchairguy

Happy Saturday! 🔥😩😎
Come watch me dominate on Hardcore SnD, live on Twitch! Link in bio!
My newest bong! Shout-out to @j.b_smoke_shop for having the best shit in town! 😎
Happy Friday!
Sticky icky shit
INCREDIBLE! Me vs 5 in Hardcore SnD, and I smoked them and defused the bomb! 💪😎
#snd #searchanddestroy #hardcoresnd #hardcoresearchanddestroy
After a 6-gram sesh, I'm currently eating a home-cooked Fatburger with cheese, with seasoned fries! 🔥🔥🔥
Nothing like dabbing on some wax from @710goldleaf on a Sunday evening! 😎
Add me on Snapchat! 😎
My Friday night. 🎮, 🍺, & 💨💨
About to smoke some Super Sour Diesel! 🔥🔥🔥
Gaming & Dabbing 😎
After taking about 10 dabs, I'm ready to go outside! 😎
So what, if I'm from Cali? I still listen to Blah Records from the UK! A lot better than this mumble rap shit! TAKING DABS AS I LISTEN TO THIS!
@blahrecords @tinfoilfronts
Streaming live on Twitch! Come join us! LINK IN BIO
H A P P Y S U N D A Y , E V E R Y O N E ! ! 😎
Looking to party up on Hardcore SnD. Hit me up! 🎮
Took a break from gaming to grub on some Domino's! 🍕 #pizza
Playing Call of Duty WWII live on Twitch! LINK IN BIO
Taking bong rips! 😎
Nothing better than taking dabs while listening to Children of the Damned! This beat is fucking S I C K !
Gonna take some dabs before grinding on COD WWII 😎
Handy little tool, here. The Casper Trio by Hecig. Shout-out to JB Smoke Shop, best smoke shop in Perris!
Come watch me destroy noobs in Ranked Play, live on Twitch! LINK IN BIO
Munchy Heaven! What do you munch on when you're high?
Fine like 🍷
Taking dabs and bong hits 😎👌
Thanks to @j.b_smoke_shop for the equipment. And thanks to @710goldleaf for the wax! It's bomb!
This, right here, is some fire shit!! 🔥🔥🔥
Thanks to @710goldleaf for hooking it up!!
A clean bong is a happy bong
Thank you very much to @sirsmokezalot_extracts for this awesome gift yesterday! @thetacosesh is awesome!!!

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