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Whacked and prodded with a paddle. He was separated from his friends and family due to his painful hernia.

He is not considered to be in need of care, he is considered a burden.

Witness #6

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Esta madre sufre de un terrible dolor debido a un prolapso de colon causado por vivir en un ambiente antinatural. Estos animales están siendo alimentados con maíz y soja. Así como no tienen la capacidad de moverse ...
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Recognise the #atrocity and refuse to support the violence by living Vegan
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If you saw someone battered and bruised, shaking with fear from her ordeal, would you not ...
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BREAKING: Another legendary designer takes a stand for animal rights. "I don't want to kill animals to make fashion. It doesn't feel right," Donatella #versace said.
Learn more about DxE's efforts to ban fur across the globe: ...
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This suffering is so cruel and so unnecessary, but it’s all animals know on factory farms.💔 Help end their pain by choosing to leave all animals off your plate. Photo: Jo-Anne McArthur / @weanimals
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Most of the 50 #mother ("#dairy") cows going to slaughter each day at Ryding-Regency #meat Packers in Toronto are #pregnant.
*Please share and ask your friends to #govegan and stand up for these poor mothers.
*Please sign ...
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Each year, hundreds of millions of rabbits are factory farmed for their meat, fur, for animal testing, or to be sold as pets. We talk less about rabbits as a factory-farmed animal than other species, but the ...
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Nearly all fur trim jackets also contain the down from tortured and murdered geese.
‼️Have you joined us at one of our weekly vigils? If not, please do! Visit for times and dates.
‼️Too far ...
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This Tuca is a dog who was brutally beaten with an iron bar by a drunk man, February 21, 2018 in the city of Cascavel - PR, in Brazil.
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No, this is not photoshopped. And no, your eyes are not playing tricks on you. This image depicts what some chefs are still preparing for their customers, a middle aged recipe called ...
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Rund 4 Millionen "Nutztiere" werden jedes Jahr von der EU in sogenannte Drittländer transportiert: Rinder, Schweine, Schafe und Ziegen. Auch aus #bayern wird kräftig exportiert.
Vor allem Schlachttiere müssen bei diesen Transporten oft grausam leiden.

This is what we do to non human persons every day, and nobody sheds a tear -
Whenever I use humans, to represent other animals, many people become enraged.
Why is that? Have humans become that speciestic?
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🔥#dogs are boiled alive in Asia.
▪️#pigs andchickens are boiled alive in slaughterhouse scalding tanks in every continent. -
🔹This is not an isolated incident, these atrocities take place in every slaughterhouse around the world. Pigs ...
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"Dieses unglaubliche Foto kennzeichnet das Ende der Torero-Karriere von Alvaro Munera. Er brach mitten im Kampf zusammen, als er realisierte, dass er dieses im Gegensatz freundliche Biest bis zum Ende zu bekämpfen hatte. Er wurde ...
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Versagende Betäubung, massiver Elektroschockereinsatz, Schläge und Gewalt - Alltag im Schlachthof des #mcdonalds Exklusivlieferanten OSI

Unsere Undercover-Aufnahmen zeigen nicht nur enorme Tierqual, sondern auch, dass die oft geforderten Kameraüberwachungen nichts bringen, wenn niemanden interessiert, was sie aufgezeichnet ...
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Tag someone who should propose or gift like this! 💚 Happy valentines! Avo box ring gift idea by @fooddeco #letscookvegan
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The photos are the work of Italian photographer Tommaso Ausili. They're the jaw-dropping images of animals’ last moments inside slaughterhouses, part of a series titled “The Hidden Death,” for which Ausili won the prestigious L’Iris D’Or World ...
The main threat to the survivial of orangutan populations in the wild is the massive expansion of palm oil plantations in Borneo and Sumatra. Surging global demand for palm oil has fueled massive forest destruction throughout Indonesia ...
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Sound on🔈 This poor wild canine is literally chewing his leg off to try and get ...
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Follow✔️ @vegan_trucker_chick @deelove2277 This photo was taken looking into a truck on its way to slaughter ......This poor pig looks so distressed .. sad .. betrayed ...and i feel he or she knows she is going to ...
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This photo is the least graphic photo taken from a recent investigation inside a pig farm. It shows the agony #farmedanimals are left in because they’re regarded as nothing more than a commodity.

Animals on this farm, ...
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Algunas de las fotos que salieron en la programa ‘Salvados’ ayer en la Sexta. Todos los imágenes son de una granja en Murcia. Aunque la programa no era abolicionista, ha mostrado la realidad que viven estos animales ...
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Look her in the eyes! She was murdered shortly aftet this picture was taken .
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Many thousands of cats are sold to schools for cruel and crude classroom dissections each year. Even though more effective and humane learning methods are available to schools, cats, and other animals are used. Animals used for ...
Tomohon Extreme Market in Sulawesi, Indonesia, dogs slaughtered by the thousands every week. First bludgeoned with wooden poles, then blow-torched alive, the market has become infamous ...

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