Kirby Doss | @kirbydoss

Manual blinds are so last year... janky ass prototype complete.
These outlets look like they need an outlet. Why they so mad?!
Ol gurl knows how to do. @jacy_blake
Got ourselves a cabinet cat. Her name is sandwich.
She’s all mine. Well, mostly the bank’s, but they are letting us stay there.
That one time a child asked me why I was in a book wearing a pink thong...
Apple: remember looking at porn on a 14.4 modem?!
Bubba pee portrait.
Saw Uncle Tupelo tonight. I guess Jay was ill. Their merch is weird. Thanks @jacy_blake
Bought this in Greece. Flew halfway around the damn world to discover what I already knew.
Not all heroes wear thongs, but I do when I have to fix an anchor wench at sea. @seancupit #mensculturaltrip
I went to Greece. It was ugly and boring and I hated it. And an olive branch fell on me. #mensculturaltrip
Some alchemist turned our mop into a squirrel.
It's a boy.
Leftover chilled goose. Y'all hawngry?
Custom starbuck. Classy as fuck.
Upside down and off center. Seems to be the theme of this trip.
@jacy_blake living out her fantasies with Sam Doores. @thedeslondes
He's already dead because you touched him with your stupid dirty possum hands.
Anybody got some acid I can borrow? #doublerainbow🌈
Bubba likes baseball. Or naps. #oldassbeagleapproved @designbuildadventure @thelongtimetexas
Two years. A mess of disappointment. And a million honey butter chicken biscuits in various states of deconstruction. Ain't nothin changed. But she seems to stick around, and she's way yonder better than anything I deserve.
This isn't the first time I've come to work to find a present of a random bottle of whiskey on my desk. Thanks @dog_gossiper I think...
#whitetrash @jacy_blake
Hey dad, whatcha makin?
Just got this little hussie for free. My life is really weird.
It's been a long few weeks. Also Louisiana has weird orange juice. And Gary Makes a fine Caucasian.
Mississippi. Parkay squeeze oleo. Taters. Marlboros. Two kisses. A pineapple lifesaver to wash it all down. Welcome home.

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