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jaxon had a great 13th birthday yesterday !! thanks everyone for the cute birthday wishes 🎉
jaxons 13 today !!! happy birthday jaxon !
christmas while jaxon was in the middle of opening his presents he yelled "i really hi the jackpot this christmas !!" and not too long after asked if he was on the nice list for next christmas 😅😂🎄
atleast 5 times a day jaxon asks "am i on the nice list ??". grandma got his these cute pajamas to remind him he's on the nice list 😊😊
jaxon did so good last night at his school's concert playing his ukulele & singing ! 🎉🎵
happy late halloween !! 🎃
jaxon actually played with sparklers this year !! 🎇
jaxon went camping last night !
jaxon having fun with the confetti at graduation 🎉
jaxon has had a blast on vacation for spring break but can't wait to get back home !
jaxon got 2nd place overall at his adaptive bowling tournament on friday !! 🥈🏅🎳
jaxon : *hugs @trinity_smith17 & i*
jaxon : grandma ! take our picture !
jaxon was very excited to get his hair cut today and did so well the whole time ! 😊
Jaxon's first day of middle school was today 💙💙
today is autism awareness day ! thanks to everyone who wore blue to support autism awareness 💙💙 #lifewithjaxon #lightitupblue
today Jaxon is 11 ! happy birthday jax 💙💙
selfie 😉📷
happy halloween 💛👻
happy birthday trin !
yesterday we went for a walk and had a picnic at cascade springs ! #lifewithjaxon #autistic #autism
yesterday jaxon held some snakes ! 🐍🐍 #lifewithjaxon #autistic
fun day yesterday ! jaxon loved it !
#lifewithjaxon #autism #autistic
Autism balloon launch this morning 💙💙 #autism #autistic #autisticbrother #lifewithjaxon
"it's like spring and winter...sprinter !" -jaxon
Happy Easter everyone !
#lifewithjaxon #autism #autistic #autisticbrother
this is a day late but yesterday was autism awareness day. the whole month of April is autism awareness month. 💙💡#lightitupblue #lifewithjaxon #autistic #autisticbrother #autism
Jaxon looking at his favorite animal at the aquarium ❤️💛💙
#lifewithjaxon #autism #autisticbrother

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