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Sending love and strength for the families in Parkland #power #love #wehonoryou #courage
Brightens up the house
‘‘Tis the season #antiflu #flu #antibacterial
Experts say “It’s not a drug, but it might as well be. It works the same has the same results.” Tech addiction is real, and it’s luring your kids in without them even knowing it. Parents, you need to ...
Kids are undoubtedly addicted to screens and it’s not okay, there needs to be a balance. TV channels like PBS Kids can be beneficial to their learning, but others can actually harm them in the long run. Always be aware ...
Some Friday motivation.
Life can throw a lot of frustrating, negative things our way but it’s up to us to decide how we want it to impact us and our happiness.
Finding inspiration at the NYC armory antique show #buddha #history #nyc #beauty #inspiration #mediation
If you’re feeling stressed, a little less confident, or down today: just remember YOU MATTER.
There is always good reason for optimism. No matter what you are dealing with you have the power to make each day ahead better than the last.
42% of US children 0-8 years old have a mobile device today, a number that is only going to grow in time. And while it is true that mobile devices can be used for educational purposes, it isn’t how most ...
It’s good to be productive, but we can’t burn ourselves (or our kids) out. There might always seem to be one more thing we have to do but you need to recognize when you’re mentally overloading yourself.
We can all make an impact in other people’s lives, whether it be as a parent, child, friend, or total stranger. Let’s all do our part!
We live in a world where it’s easier than ever to think our lives aren’t as good as someone else’s. Take a minute to be grateful for what your life is!
Name this movie #1980’s #oldies #movies
Meal time used to be a time when parents and children talked about their day and spent valuable time together. Today, we’ve lost sight of just how important that is. Make it a rule to put devices down and get ...
Middle and high schoolers today are worshipping a social media “Vape God” and fawning over smoke tricks posted by celebrities. They might claim it’s harmless and “everyone’s doing it,” but let’s not forget vaping doubles the risk of smoking cigarettes ...
An excellent article on how you can help your tweens and teens get a better night’s sleep and reduce their stress in the long run. Take away the key problem: screens!
Diffuser, young living Thieves oil, hot water help me heal #winter #wintercold #colds
Even if its just a moment or two each day, make time for mindfulness and meditation. You and your wellness are far too important to ignore.
Turn off your notifications, stop checking your phone before bed & when you wake up, or even try turning the thing off for a day! Smartphone addiction is real and we can all take small steps to combat it. Our ...
Cold, winter days are no excess for kids to have their head in their screens all day #parenting #technology #respect #bingefree #mindfulparenting #setboundaries #betheparent
Crystals ground me during the long winter days #amethyst #purple #crystalhealing #crystals #sedona
Making memories with your kids on this snowy day #betheparent #respect #parents #parenting #blizzard #blisss
So true! Love being a mommy. #betheparent #moments #mom #parenting #parentingtips
Keep moving forward and think positive thoughts. Small steps don’t mean you aren’t making progress.
Working on my positive intentions for the new year! May I.T be s blessed year for all of us! #therapist #healer #intuitive #teens #parenting #mylife #mindful
Don’t put that screen in front of your kids face or hands! #parenting #parentingtips #toddlerlife #toddler #parentingquotes #addiction

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