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V I V A💘✨
The progress is coming along so nicely!💗💗 I had my first actual controlled canter, that I know was on the wrong leg and did not know because my stepmum didn't tell me lol🤧😂 She is ...
He is my stepmums horse which she had for like 8 years and has an incredible bond with him! I learnt to ride on this adorable 14.3hh 💙💙 About a year and a half a go my ...
This is me intro for my new YouTube channel ( Pony•Kiz• ) I hope you like it!💙 I took inspiration from @myponyblue_ 😍
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~I'll finish it later🌛
S H O W-V L O G🌛
This is what you been waiting for, I have decided to do more vlogs which is what I done I did also do 2foot and 2 3foor but not getting clear rounds ...
V L O G😇
This is from Sunday as you can see this is when we get viva!!💗 I hope you enjoy I did vlog half of show yesterday✨
[🌻] do you want to see it?
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Schooling ze other day😍 She was really good going to post vlog later of getting viva!!😇 Might make a YouTube channel but I don't know🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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Trotting Workk🏹💮
Her transitions into fault are so much better, this is just the school before the jumping video, might upload again later I just edited this so I thought I would upload and then edit another from me ...
Love this little beast💗💗😇😇✨ Have got nothing to posttt🤔🤔🤦🏽‍♀️
So I finally attempted to make an edit and I mean attempted, by I literally just added music😂 Any app suggestions guysss?? plsss💗💗
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Anyways his was yesterday when I rode my princess sky, and she was amazing ...
She is a 7 year old, Welsh sec d😍 We recently bought her for me and my stepmum to both ride🌎 She will be getting a stables at the yard we are are at! She is kinda nutty ...
Great day at the years yesterday, clips, lessons and more❤️❤️
I rode solly in blue lesson, he doesn't jump really at all but he really tried and had a go at it, it was a great experience❤️😂🌎😇
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ [🌻] ...
So meet prince jack, he is a school riding pony, but my bestie from the years @fxnxx.hxrsxs loves to loan him and look after him. He is very cute and hopefully going to be riding together soon💘😻❤️💋
An old time lapse of me tacking up boysie but it's still something to upload❤️ Boysie is so cute😻😻
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~[🌻] Want more videos like these? ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
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TRAGIC NEWS😭💔 So, I really don't want to put this down in a post, but sky will be leaving me to go back to her previous owners, because I have simply outgrown her. I am going to miss her terribly ...
Taken not long ago as she was just waiting for me to ride her😻💗 Thought this was cute of her mane blowing in the wind💘 [🌻]Do you like my new partition? -#pony #photgography #skythepony #stablefun #cute #myhorse #instapony #horsefun
Actaully love this photo of me and my girly😻 Love her sm💗 Merry Christmas everyone🎄💛
These two are so cute😻 Have nothing to post at the moment❤️
Olympia 2017💜⚡️ First time going this year absolutely amazing, I went on the Friday by the way! It was so good!!😻💋
Sorry second post today but ABSOLUTELY LOVE THIS!! All thanks to❤️ Go check them out they are amazing at what they do and absolutely deserve all the love in the world❤️❤️😻😻
Have no current photos but there IS a Christmas show this Sunday but this photo is the first rime on time on a horse, Harvey my stepmums old horse that got given away the start of this year😓❤️😪🍒🌹
Throwback to when I first got skyyyy💗💛💘🌹
Lol spooky pony just some casual schooling after my little sister rode her and she was amazing❤️❤️🌎🌎
Me and sky jumping on Monday in 2f🌗 She got 2 clear rounds but we weren't fast enough👀 But she was really good and we have decided we are going to start getting back to basics with her and getting ...
The show last Sunday, this is me doing 2 foot I also done 1,6 and she wouldn't go in the ring didn't want to do the first jump ran out on last and stopped at 4th but then we done ...
Had her trim done today, absolutely love it thanks so much Claire🌙. She's such a star✨. Posting a video of me riding her today!🌸 She was an absolute star compared to yesterday, explained in the post💗🌏
She really is so cute😇 Jumped a spread for the first time for a competition on Sunday wooo💋 She refused the first time but it was my fault I was nervous and didn't tell her to go go on but ...
Haven't got a photo but I am doing loads of competitions soon so yay I will put a picture or video of me riding her soon today😇⚡️ She is making me so proud😻

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