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#today ... Sunday snuggles.
Rain ahead. Daydreaming like... 💭☀️🌴
Heck yeah it is. 💪🏻
Tulips from my Dutchman. 🌷
From #thebox ... Valentine’s Day 2017. 😭 He was so tiny! Treasure every little moment.
#today ... just a momma and her #nonmini
Make sure to love someone today—and every day.
#today ... Gratitude and wonder for my experience and journey through life. It’s a new day in my one life, and I’m resolved to stand tall, find the light, and soak in the now.
At the end of January, I started doing the 4-week pre-BBG workout. Let me say, after Day 1, my legs were so sore I could barely walk down steps. Even more embarrassing to admit, I couldn’t even squat down to ...
My sweet angel turned 13 months today. Too fast, I tell you. Too fast!
Mmm... Monday. Means all the coffee for this working mom. 👩🏻‍💻
From #thebox... This photo was taken when my son was 2.5 months old. It was the first time since becoming pregnant that I began to feel like “myself” again. I was still very much self-conscious about how I looked, and ...
Only 3 more years to go. 😂🤣
As momma to a 1-year old boy, it can be SUPER exhausting trying to keep up with his endless fountain of energy. Now that he’s literally running around, having fun making messes, and wanting to eat every 2-3 hours, it ...
2018 mantra: it’s all about living today.
As parents to a 1-year old, my partner and I have been craving a 2-week couple’s escape to Europe. At first, I felt guilty for wanting to step away from the day-to-day with my dear son, but you know what? ...
On weekend mornings, my little boy loves to sit on the shag rug and watch Pocoyo. An auntie got him small toys of the main characters, so pretty much, he loves to slap them around while snacking on goldfish.
All day, every day. 🙊
It’s a rainy day here in Dallas. I dropped my 1-year old off at daycare and he cried and cried, pleading me to not go with his sad, sweet eyes. I feel the same, little guy. Believe me, I feel ...
Real angels don’t have wings—just by being, they create light.
Valentine’s is coming up and it’s hard to believe that it will be my second one since having my son. As he sleeps soundly across my chest, hushed little breaths flowing sweetly in and out, I’m overcome with joy and ...
That’s what this mama is sayin’
There’s no love like that of a mama bear for her cub.
#today ... gratitude for beautiful moments like this.
This. 🙌🏻
As 2018 grows nearer, and we begin making promises to ourselves to be “better,” it’s important to remind ourselves that working harder isn’t a stand alone answer.
Rather, we must identify how we hope to be better versions of ourselves, ...
Merry Everything, and a Happy Always.
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