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من الالعاب الرهيبه الي على البلايستيشن 3 للاسف شركه اكتفجن خربت ابوها وغيرت منظورها ثم اللعبه اختفت بشكل كامل ؟! اكتفجن مقبره الالعاب الى اين ؟؟؟؟؟ 😡

{ماشاء الله}
‎{منشن أصدقائك 👬}
‎{حسابي الاحتياطي @fssaldagamer}
2 very good underrated games I got for my playstation 3 collection. ^_^
#jamesbond #007bloodstone #thesaboteur #ps3 #videogames #underrated #playstation #playstation3
My latest Bond acquisition is the Playstation 3 game "007:Blood Stone". Released in 2010 it came at a time of uncertainty in the Bond franchise, and helped plug the long 4 year gap between Quantum of Solace and Skyfall. With ...
My collection of James Bond games Quantum of Solace and Bloodstone credits @activisionpublishing still think 007: Nightfire was great game which was released by @ea in 2002 on PC, PS2 and Xbox
Nova aquisição
New aquisition
#ps3, #007, #007bloodstone, #jamesbond, #mi6, #activision
Playing this gem again, wish they would make another Bond game like this soon 😢😄 #jamesbond #007bloodstone #007 #gamer
James Bond 007: Blood Stone [Xbox 360/1080p] In this video game creation of a previously unknown James Bond plot, 007 is tasked with saving Great Britain, possibly the world, from a maniac who's gotten his hands on military grade bio weapons.
007: Blood Stone Game Review The only Craig game with a 100% original story... But does that make it any good? www.facebook.com/calvinmdyson www.twitter.com/calvindyson.
نسخه ایکس باکس ۵۰۰۰ تومان
پاسخ به سوالات و عناوین درخواستی از طریق پیامک ، تلگرام ، واتس آپ : ۰۹۳۳۵۲۵۸۹۱۰
ارسال با پیک در تهران درب منزل و شهرستان از طریق پست پیشتاز و تیپاکس
۰۹۳۰۱۵۲۶۰۰۳_ ۰۹۳۳۵۲۵۸۹۱۰
کانال ...
If you would like to see more on this game including the full instruction manual please go to my YouTube channel: www.youtube.com/johntmorton or my website: www.nostalgamer.com or search for Nostalgamer unboxes "insert game name here" and you should find it ...
[Ваши Игры] - James Bond 007 Blood Stone Просьба добавить мой канал в белый лист расширения AdBlock, если оно у вас установлено. http://vk.com/bespoleznyi - Группа...
James Bond 007 Blood Stone Walkthrough Gameplay Mission 2 [ Istanbul ] James Bond 007 Blood Stone Walkthrough Gameplay Part 2 includes Campaign Mission 2 [ Istanbul 2-3 ] and a Review of the Story for PS4, Xbox One, PS3, Xbox 360 and PC in HD. Blood Stone is...
James Bond 007 Blood Stone Er ist der Geheimagent, auf den sich Actionfans in aller Welt einigen können. Die unverkennbare Titelmelodie kann jedes Kind mitsummen. Und seinen Codenamen kennt ohnehin jeder: Natürlich...
Прохождение James Bond 007: Blood Stone: Часть 1 [Греко] Бондиана:) Пришло время побыть Дэниелом Крэйгом, в роли агента 007. Моя партнерская программа VSP Group. Подключ...

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