Cs61a fall 2015

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CS61a Fall 2016 Final WWPD Annotations are broken so they'll be in the description. str vs repr : https://youtu.be/DUSSKCjzAgA.
CS 61A Fall 2015 Final Walkthrough CS 61A Fall 2015 Final Walkthrough 0:00 Introduction 0:12 1 From the Other Side 12:39 2a Endor 19:07 2b 30:51 3a Forest Path 34:38 3b 36:50 3c 42:04 3d 44:24 4 Cucumber 54:41 5a Grouper...
CS 61A Spring 2014 Final Walkthrough CS 61A Spring 2014 Final Walkthrough. The last question on Logic is not covered. The average for this final was 48/80, including the last question. Time stamps below. https://www.ocf.berkeley.edu/~...
Midterm1 (no music) This video is about Midterm1 (no music) Detailed breakdown: q1: 00:04 q2a: 13:16 -- q2b is similar so I only did q2a q3a: 19:17 q3b: 26:40 q3c: 28:53 q3d: 34:10.

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