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Here's a one minute compilation of Daisy laughing ♥️
Slipin under
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Seeing as IX will most likely have a time jump from the ending of The Last Jedi I think it’s possible they could kill Leia offscreen. It would explain why she isn’t in IX without having to use CGI or ...
Ok guys here’s my top 5 Celeb Crushes
1.Emilia Clarke 2.Daisy Ridley 3.Emma Stone 4.Margot Robbie 5.Jing Tian Let me know who are your celeb crushes #emiliaclarke #daisyridley #margotrobbie #emmastone #jingtian
I don’t think I’ve asked this before, but who do you think would win? Would Yoda be able to beat Vader due to his disabailities or would Vader crush Yoda with his pure rage?

our beautiful dazzle! ❤️
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I would go to Abu Dhabi just because of Star Wars, anyone else? -
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One year on this account❤️ so I decided to edit my favs
Daisy Ridley Adult Film Tape Leaked Online - Hoax Exposed Daisy Ridley, leading actress in the latest Star Wars films, has had a fake Adult Film Tape Leaked Online - Hoax Exposed Subscribe To Informoverload: http://bit.ly/2xB5CqA Support Us On PATREON:...
Daisy Ridley Funny Moments 21 Star Wars Episode 8 The Last Jedi, interview, 2017, 2018, rap, hot, reaction, training, adam driver, john boyega, audition, epic, hilarious, nerdy, awesome, part 21, mark hamill, cast.
Star Wars: Los Últimos Jedi - Entrevista a Daisy Ridley mientras construye el Halcón Milenario... Esto es lo que pasa cuando Daisy Ridley intenta construir un Halcón Milenario LEGO​ mientras responde a las preguntas de ELLE​. Puedes hacer con el Halcón Milenario LEGO en: http://bit.ly/2lk...
Funny moments ll Daisy Ridley & Domhnall Gleeson Funny moments with Daisy Ridley & Domhnall Gleeson from the "The Last Jedi" press tour!=) Buzzfeed quiz: https://www.buzzfeed.com/christianzamora/which-star-wars-character-from-the-new-trilogy-are...
Tipsy Talk with Daisy Ridley I am overjoyed that I got to speak to Daisy Ridley about Star Wars The Last Jedi, playing the part of Rey and her final scenes with the incredible Carrie Fisher. Go see the film if you haven't...
Daisy Ridley remembers getting the part of Rey - The Graham Norton Show: 2017 -... Programme website: http://bbc.in/2ARTruA Daisy talks about the day she learned she would be in Star Wars.
"I don't wanna be in someone's mouth!": Daisy Ridley on her Star Wars lollipops Star Wars: The Last Jedi's Rey, Daisy Ridley, explains how she got the role of a lifetime, reveals what fans typically say to her on the street and why she's not the biggest fan of lollipops....
Daisy Ridley Plays The 'Star Wars' Theme On A Kazoo We caught up with Rey herself, Daisy Ridley, to talk through 'Star Wars: The Last Jedi' when we challenged her to play the iconic movie music using only a kazoo. Tbh, we aren't sure she really...
'I don't care about these people': John Boyega and Daisy Ridley go head-to-head in our... How well do Daisy Ridley and John Boyega know their Star Wars: The Last Jedi castmates? We put them to the test! --------------------- Off Set: The home of movie and entertainment news! Subscribe...

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