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Aching bones and fever

No time for U Flu.

But still you pay a visit

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collabo with @dxyb_
Why are we born to suffer and die
The Space Program
Databending with a VCR??? Proven possible. This was done by transferring a section of the .avi's A-Law audio data to a VHS tape, then transfered back into a digital file and spliced into the a-law data with audacity....
Databending Video Collage Made with Final Cut Pro Final Databending Project ART 250 Fall 2017.
What is DATABENDING? What does DATABENDING mean? DATABENDING meaning, definition & explanation What is DATABENDING? What does DATABENDING mean? DATABENDING meaning - DATABENDING definition - DATABENDING explanation. Source: article, adapted under
Databending Tutorial For Images and Video - Introduction and Neat Tips A databending tutorial that covers a few different techniques for databending images and videos. This tutorial covers basically anything someone would want to know to begin databending, from...
Databending Horror AAAAHHHHH!!! I haven't made glitch art in so long!! Anyway, I picked up something from the Internet Archive, and tried some new databending techniques, using Audacity this time. The footage...
Databend - Stares and Verbal Abuse (FULL ALBUM) 0:00 The Void 5:06 Brainwaves 8:41 Late Sunday Drive 12:17 Conclusion 16:17 Individual 19:18 Always Waiting 24:20 No Groove 28:01 All I Am 32:20 Kung Fu 36:28 Shitty Town 41:40 The Eternal...
How to Datamosh Photos this works for video & audio too, but focusing on image formats for this video. ~{databend / datamosh image files with hex editor}~ super easy to get great effects download HxD if you want...
How to Databend Video With Audacity OMGTSN asked me how to do this on Twitter so I decided to make a tutorial. Try it out for yourselves, it's very fun. Download Audacity The song is from Stardew Valley.
Databending Wildlife I finally got the effect I was hoping for! Subtle, yet interesting. The footage is Wildlife.wmv, a sample video from Windows 7. Made with Hex Editor XVI32.

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