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DEFAN • I HATE YOU, I LOVE YOU Paul Wesley (Stefan) and Ian Somerhalder (Damon) of The Vampire Diaries.
"Hello, Brother." 1x01 vs. 8x16 || Defan First thing which they said to each other and the last thing. And also the last line from The Vampire Diaries.
stefan & damon || you're right at the top. WATCH IN HD! "I just need the people I love" "You're my brother and I love you, and there's nothing you could do to ever change that" I've watched 8x14 three ...
Defan||Say Something 😭❤️ Defan la base ew - Nan sérieux j'ai passé trop de temps sur cette vidéo et j'en suis assez fière,je vous cache pas que quand je l'ai faite j'ai chialé #fragile À ...
Defan ||Hey Brother|| Hi! I really think that the real Tvd is the brotp between Stefan and Damon... They are so cute! I hope you'll enjoy it!
TVD 7x07 Defan flashbacks clips from TVD episode 7x07 that include flashbacks of young Damon and Stefan on Thanksgiving 1851.
Defan/Steroline reup in hd* idk if this is true hd, I found a diff software to rip from and it says hd, so fingers crossed for the giffers out there!
The Vampire Diaries 6x05 - Scene Defan VOSTFR ACTIVER LES SOUS TITRES POUR LA TRADUCTION. ;) Retrouvailles entre les deux frères Salvatore, Damon & Stefan. Un moment très émouvant qui en a fait ...
Defan 5x19 questi due sono l'amore!!!
goodbye stefan, defan feelings EDITING LIKE STEFAN DEATH AND LIFE OF DEFAN.
Bellissima scena Defan! Ho apprezzato molto Stefan in questa scena ma Damon è sempre... Damon!
DEFAN 5X11 (sub ita) Scena Damon Stefan episodio 11 della stagione 5 di TVD.
What's the plan, Superman? #TVD #Defan The Vampire Diaries - S02E22 - As I Lay Dying Song: Ingrid Michaelson - Turn To Stone Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev), Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley), Damon ...
I have the one thing that you never will #TVD #Defan The Vampire Diaries S02E19 Klaus Stefan vs Damon, Stefan and Damon Fight Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev) Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) Damon Salvatore ...

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