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Naples - amazing vacay, even better company
Exciting times 🤩 Going to RUN for Condo Board President!!! #adulting #mandelbaummandelbaummandelbaum #delbocavista #seinfeld #clermont #fl #soold ☀️🌴🐊
My little girl learning how to drive. #delbocavista
Heard there’s 6 inches of snow back home...#delbocavista
My job, as the assistant driver of this vehicle, is to watch for sign spinners, joggers, and any questionable-in-nature, degenerate-types who pose a threat to our safety, and bark and growl accordingly. 📢🗯
Excited for sunshine
Oh my goodness the line dancing #delbocavista
Rented a new #cadillac & drove to #delbocavista ... Boca Raton is going crazy tonight! I missed you Florida! #seinfeld #80sparty #livemusic #thebreakfastclub
Ahhh another day at the pool relaxing... #delbocavista 😂😂 #freedom38 #pompanobeach pass me another #modeloespecial @crissinopoli ❤U
S9E15: The Wizard
#cosmokramer #kramer #vote #voteforme #election #delbocavista #retire #retirement #retirementcommunity
Whistler Bike Park | Shady Acres to Del Boca Vista Riding the Shady Acres to Del Boca Vista Trails in Whistler Bike Park, British Columbia, Canada. Camera: Gimbal: Mount:
Trailview: Whistler Bike Park; After Atlantis - EZ Does It - Shady Acres - Del Boca Vista Trailview; The Virtual Bike Park Experience. After Atlantis is a Green graded Technical trail in the Fitzsimmons Zone. This trail appears to be used mainly as an access trail to link various...
Whistler Bike Park - Del Boca Vista - Summer 2017 - raw - POV Subscribe and check out more from us here: Few of the bike parts we use in this video: GoPro HERO5 Session: POC Coron Helmet:...
Cocktail Time: the Del Boca Vista Michael Ginsberg from Florida Kush stopped by to show everyone how to make one of their signature cocktails, the Del Boca Vista! Featured in our July/August 2017 issue of Boca Magazine.
Seinfeld - Kramer retires to Florida From S09E15 "The Wizard". I know this clip is already uploaded but the quality is abysmal.
Shady Acres to Del Boca Vista by Whitesnake Whitesnake destroys Shady Acres to Del Boca Vista in the Whistler Bike Park, July 9, 2015.
Morty Seinfeld impeachment Morty Seinfeld is relying on the vote of Mabel Choate to save him from impeachment. Mabel is coincidentally the same woman from whom Jerry stole the marble rye ("The Rye"). The vote is reversed...

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