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110x1 PB! @jas.edwards_ •
Killing it last heavy squat session before comp 👌
That’s all I have to say
Tag someone who should see this !!
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👉 @6amdiscipline 👈
👉 @6amdiscipline 👈
👉 @6amdiscipline 👈

There’s like a million reasons why we can’t be together like soooo many things about you that my ideal woman wouldn’t have but something idk what something a very big something a deeep deeeep something right when I’m about to ...
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Discipline can seem an aggressive, totally off putting word for many of us. Sometimes we immediately think of violence, punishment, or the withholding of pleasure when the word pops up. But true discipline is vibrant ...
So like I tried to say fuck you, you’re not the one then the dreams started haunting me😭 I never dream about anyone but 2 days in a row I had a dream of you crying even though most likely ...
We go again 💥🥊
La douleur des regrets OU la douleur de la discipline ?

MARDI j’ai démarrée mon challenge sans sucre 30 JOURS et c’est déjà 1KG de perdu ✌🏽 WHY NOT YOU ?

#coach #coaching #possession #bienetre #nutrition #sport #motivation #wod #fitmaman ...
Today as I spent time with my kids, sitting in the grass, getting bit by bugs and digging in the dirt, I found myself in a gaze as I watched them interact with one another. How are they all already ...
Game Faces😡💪🏽😡
My 13 year old buddy David said he only eats food that doesn’t have sugar or bread.
He’s on his way to being Great.
So to not damper his amazing mindset and discipline, I let ...
日本から買った服を私には着てきてくれた。もう完全にthe Gifted classで泣かないように我慢してる。
#iliketofish fortunately for the #fish it’s called #fishing not #catching I rarely catch anything. I do like the #discipline of #patience it takes and the #solitude
Philippe Pomaski Seminar at Checkmat Philippines HQ last Sept. 1, 2018. #goodvibes #respect #discipline #jiujitsu #bjj #fitness #projectfitph #roninjiujitsu #checkmatpilipinas #roninjiujitsumerville
In what situations do you find it hard to meditate?
Honestly 2016 - 2018 have been some of the most challenging years when it comes to my mindfulness practice.
I’ve been very focused on my financial abundance... So ...
End of week 6. Yesterday I watched “A Star is Born” and really enjoyed the movie. The final scene was beautiful and powerful. Now I can’t stop listening to “I’ll Never Love Again”. 🎶 Thank you @ladygaga.
Today’s training: ...
It will hurt, it will take time, it will require dedication, it will require willpower, you will need to make healthy decisions, it requires sacrifice, you will need to push your body to its max. Also there will be temptations. ...

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