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Which I have actually tried...not too bad
Ok nooot what I wanted to talk about today ><
Look I realize I have a really small "fanbase" (if any 😖) at the moment but I ...
It's 82 degrees outside and it was snowing five days ago
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Doctor Who Poster and New Logo 🎬✨ @doctorwho_bbca #doctorwho #poster #logo #british #bbc #tardis
Love this shot by @jodikurland from #gallifreyone this weekend! Had a blast there! Thanks to all how came to our meetup!
@barbaraannstyleblog wore her Companions during her pregnancy to help prevent swollen feet and she's still rocking them post pregnancy because let's be honest, new mommas end up being on their feet all day! #keepitflowing
Estamos atualizando nosso catalogo no site da Elo7!!! Dá um olhada quanta peça bacana 😍

Link na Bio

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A new era of #doctorwho is dawning…

I know 13 is going to be a very lucky number, what do you think?
Thank you @bbcdoctorwho .
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What do you all think to the new Doctor Who logo? Have you noticed the subtle female symbol in the name...? Let us know if you think it's intentional or not.
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On this day in 1964, The TARDIS lands in Central Asia (1289AD) where the travellers meet the Kublai Kahn and explorer, Marco Polo (also the title of the adventure). Although audio recordings and still photographs of the story exist, no ...
'ѕ ρσѕт ~~~~~~~~~
Der Doktor hatte die Stunden nun gezählt die vergangen waren seitdem er in England mit seiner Tardis gelandet war. Es waren genau 18 Stunden, 44 Minuten und 50 Sekunden..Die Sekunden wurden immer mehr, die Minuten immer ...
Rose Tyler Edit

Fandom: Doctor Who •

how are you doing today? (Sorry I have nothing else to say😂)

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Our members have been loving receiving their Hell in High Heels 12k medals in the mail this week. We've heard they're even arriving in the UK this week! Be sure to snap a selfie when you get yours! Snap a ...
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