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Gopro: Summer 2017 Thanks to my friends and family, this year will always be one to look back as a.
Sled Dogs of Colorado With some relatives, visiting amazing sled dogs in Colorado.
Huge Family of Colorado Prairie Dogs Spotted While Exploring - Normal or Pests? This is a video to showcase what we ran into during our Colorado Urbex trip. We ran into the prairie dogs of Colorado! If you are in Colorado and come across these creatures, be aware of their...
DMK Rehoming's Feature on Sugar A brief showcase on Sugar, a senior female labrador, looking for her fur-ever home at DMK Rehoming.
K9 Hawk Hawk is a Czech Shepherd in training for search and rescue in Larimer County of Colorado. We are currently focused on gaining our wilderness air scent certification. We also train for urban...
MTB: Limeklin GoPro4 Settings: 1080p 60fps.
My dog searching by air scenting My Australian shepherd training his search and rescue skills.
Roger, Ronnie, and Sammy, dogs of Colorado. Roger, Ronnie, and Sammy have pet portraits taken with Denver pet photographer, StinkDog Photos.
GoPro:MB2 Fun time there. Excuse my terrible tan line haha. 1080p guys.
GoPro:SpringBreak Some things I did with my family and friends this week.
Search and Rescue Training Mission 1 These search dogs are amazing! A little windy out there but did not hinder the dog's ability to sniff out the missing person. Oh yea my hexacopter handled well too heh heh Shot with GoPro Hero3+,...
Colorado Newfoundland's part of the Olde Golden Christmas Holiday Parade (5) MVI 5875 A beautiful Colorado Day and a Holiday Parade Sharing the beautiful Newfounland Dogs of Colorado Solo and 8 with a Sleigh.
Daniel Schulz I do everything with my GoPro Hero 4.
StinkDog Photos StinkDog Photos is a Denver, CO pet photographer. We Take Stinkin' Cute Photos™
Dover dog lifeguards Dogs saving swimmers in dover show.
DCSO - Search and Rescue Information about the Douglas County Search and Rescue volunteers.
Open Field Air Scent An experienced German Shepherd is working approximately 150-200 acres of open field looking for a live subject. The dog is worked off lead and allowed to range out of the handler's sight. This...
Search and rescue dogs train in Hopkinton A MetroWest Daily News reporter tagged along with dogs and their owners as they trained in search and rescue operations for the Mass. Canine Response Team. The training was at Hopkinton State Park.
SARDOC Airscent Training Loki Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado Loki practicing airscent technique in Buffalo Creek, Colorado. Dec 2009.
StellaWildernessWork12.09.m4v SARDOC Search Dog Airscent Practice Buffalo Peaks Colorado.
Cricket, the American Alsatian Cricket is an 8 month old American Alsatian training to be a search and rescue dog with SARDOC.
Service Dog - Ball Launcher 2 (Dooley) Dooley learning to operate his new ball launcher alone - within minutes. (We've known each other less than one week.) Oct '08 -- Training Week @ Freedom Service Dogs of Colorado.
American Alsatian SAR Training This is a video compilation of Citara, a 2 year old American Alsatian, and various moments throughout her training. She has recently switched from trailing to airscent after finally successfully...

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