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Puppy Play Date, Colorado Vlog whats better than cute gurls and cute dogs? getting high while playing with them of course. follow my instagram @cultulture to see more of my beautiful dog and ...
Summer sled dogs, Sweden Summer walking with the sled dogs and Highyard, Spikebol, Värmland, Sweden August 9th 2017.
Homeless man pulled across the U.S. by sled dogs A skateboard, a lawn chair and two rescue dogs is all a homeless man needs to raise awareness. Subscribe to WAPT on YouTube now for more: ...
Sled Dogs of Colorado With some relatives, visiting amazing sled dogs in Colorado.
Balance Basics with Charlie, Cody & Baby Pack In Harmony Dog Training Balance Basics Facebook Instagram.
Huge Family of Colorado Prairie Dogs Spotted While Exploring - Normal or Pests? This is a video to showcase what we ran into during our Colorado Urbex trip. We ran into the prairie dogs of Colorado! If you are in Colorado and come across ...
Adopt Don't Shop! A brief educational video on adopting from a shelter instead of buying from a breeder and the benefits you'll gain as the owner of an adopted dog.
K9 Hawk Hawk is a Czech Shepherd in training for search and rescue in Larimer County of Colorado. We are currently focused on gaining our wilderness air scent ...
Roger, Ronnie, and Sammy, dogs of Colorado. Roger, Ronnie, and Sammy have pet portraits taken with Denver pet photographer, StinkDog Photos.
Colorado Newfoundland's part of the Olde Golden Christmas Holiday Parade (5) MVI 5875 A beautiful Colorado Day and a Holiday Parade Sharing the beautiful Newfounland Dogs of Colorado Solo and 8 with a Sleigh.
K9 Echo airscent task K9 Echo at the end of a one hour problem. Video begins just before he starts hitting scent.
Trailing and Airscent Demos rough video demonstrating difference between trailing and airscent.
Dan Schultz I do everything with my GoPro Hero 4.
StinkDog Photos StinkDog Photos is a Denver, CO pet photographer. We Take Stinkin' Cute Photos™
LOKI Sole Survivor, Gentle Giant of the North Episode Longer Video of Loki, two of his Raven friends and good close up of his face when he takes the soup bone, those beautiful gentle amber eyes.
LOKI Sole Survivor Gentle Giant Beautiful short close up of LOKI New pics have been added to his FB Group "Friends of LOKI" Please enjoy them.
K-9 RESCUE DOGS [HD] In the rugged Grand Teton backcountry of Wyoming, dogs are more than pets — their keen sense of smell helps locate avalanche victims.
SAR K9 Training Josephine County's K9 unit is becoming a very accomplished unit with air scent, trailing, and HRD certified K9s. Here is some footage of two young K9s showing ...
SARDOC Airscent Training Loki Search and Rescue Dogs of Colorado Loki practicing airscent technique in Buffalo Creek, Colorado. Dec 2009.
StellaWildernessWork12.09.m4v SARDOC Search Dog Airscent Practice Buffalo Peaks Colorado.
Service Dog - Ball Launcher 2 (Dooley) Dooley learning to operate his new ball launcher alone - within minutes. (We've known each other less than one week.) Oct '08 -- Training Week @ Freedom ...
American Alsatian SAR Training This is a video compilation of Citara, a 2 year old American Alsatian, and various moments throughout her training. She has recently switched from trailing to ...
Cape Buffalo South African Cape Buffalo.

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