E 405 fuel comms error ruby

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Error 405 No se q pasa estoy en clases :'v.
Resetting Verifone Sapphire and Ruby If you're having issues with your Verifone Point-of-Sale, follow these steps to reset your devices.
What Does the "Communication Error" Mean on a Terminal? Visit http://transactionexpert.com If your credit card terminal is displaying "communication error". Watch this short video as James explains what this means and ...
Clearing a Reserved Pump on VeriFone Ruby and Topaz. This video describes the steps necessary to clear a pump that is in a reserved state. This applies to all VeriFone Ruby and Topaz point of sale configurations.
Verifone Training - Understanding Product Codes This informational video explains product codes and how they affect site operations, as they relate to VeriFone Petro & Convenience point of sale terminals.

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