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Past, present, and future exists all at once
Déjà vu is merely an intuitive hunch
It is the ghost of a lesson we have already learned
Reminding us to choose differently and discern
— @alliemichellel
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With the help of a book, you can never be bored or lonely🔮 Who agrees that one of the best feelings in this world is getting lost in another 🛣🌠🌉🛤🌁 We just finished reading Explorations of a Cosmic Soul by ...
I can finally understand, at least a bit.
The heaviness I felt was never useless.
Every weight I carried had a purpose;
A reason that it would come to serve us.
I was being sculpted into a woman
Who can ...
„life plays this funny game,
where we seek truth through fortune, lust and fame
But truth has always lived within whispering wisdom to us in the ever changing winds” - @alliemichellel 🌹@kateveganmate #explorationsofacosmicsoul #quote #pretty #awesome #amazing
Enjoying an oatmeal cookie smoothie with some rye bread topped with avocado, tomatoe, Italian seasoning and a balsamic glaze 😍😍 while I watch #eatingyoualive and dive into Explorations of a Cosmic Soul.

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There is a river with your name on it
With a strong current that moves in fluidity and grace
Surrender and flow with the river of your life
@explorationsofacosmicsoul 📸: @kevinnakaphoto
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The writer in me hates this book; with its irregular rhymes and lack of punctuation.
But the journeying soul in me, full of doubts and revelations? Loves this book beyond words.
If you’re looking for a straightforward spiritual experience, if ...
Sometimes I have so many things to say. But then I rather stay calm. Sometimes I don‘t know what’s going on.. But then I just trust, cause everything happens for a reason. Life is so paradox and so complex.. I‘m ...
You want someone to look into your soul and love all that you are. Do you look into your soul and love all that you are? You want someone to fully accept, support and care for you. Do you fully ...
Surgery on Tuesday and I’m going into check list mode!
@alliemichellel book✔️
Selena book✔️
@runnersworldmag ✔️
Calming lotion✔️
Bed & TV remotes✔️ &
Flowers 💐✔️ Only things missing are water & Pain Pills! 👍🏽 #loveyourbody #purposepassionpositivity #gainz #tiucheckin #37andgrowing ...
Change starts with you. Heal yourself, wake up, and know this to be true. The wisdom of the cosmos dwell within you.
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.. there is a time to flap your wings, and a time when we must root to rise. find this balance and you will never feel lost inside✨- @alliemichellel 🖤
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'Celestial Harmony'

Honor your phases
As you would the moon
You never look up and think
"You should be this or that,"
You honor her waning
How she faces darkness
And walks through her own shadow

You honor her waxing
I’m a big essential oils user — I use them for healing, calming, energizing, focusing or whatever I’m in need of 〰️🧘🏽‍♀️〰️ #fridaynightvibes
Trying out @ahimsaessentials Calming Blend this evening to relax after a long & busy day. I’m already ...
Really enjoying some cosmic poetry. 🌌 @alliemichellel #explorationsofacosmicsoul
Gennesis - “La energía femenina es aquella que sana, aquella que nutre, aquella a disposición, aquella suficientemente poderosa como para darle vida a cualquier área que se necesite.
Ha sido durante mucho tiempo predicado por Shamans, yoga masters y maestros ...
Excited to cosy up in bed with this gorgeous book by @alliemichellel 🌙🌿🌠
Excited to read this. 💫 #explorationsofacosmicsoul

• “Slow down, breathe, my love
There will always be
Something important to attend to
And yet, what is more important than
To sit and be in total peace
We fear silence,
Yet through silence ...
I’m super excited my copy of Explorations of a Cosmic Soul by @alliemichellel came in! I’ve been bingeing her Your Own Magic podcast and now I get to read her beautiful poetry 😍
Lessons from a Tree

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#explorationsofacosmicsoul #alliemichelle @alliemichellel
I want @explorations_of_a_cosmic_soul so badly! @alliemichellel @alexisren ❤
Flouting out in the turquoise sea
She wondered life’s great mystery
Who are we and how did we come to be? #northernsea🌊 #explorationsofacosmicsoul
’Do not avoid conflict
Conflict is merely energy colliding
It is nature’s special way of guiding
Just like every canyon or beautiful beach
All miracles are born out of chaos
The contrast is what releases them free
There is no ...
Always lead with your heart 🌙🌿 #explorationsofacosmicsoul #poetry
Slow dow, Breathe, my love. There will always be something important to attend to, and yet, what is more important than to sit and be in total peace ✨ @alliemichellel ✨

#lightbymegan #innerlightsurfshop #innerlightgirls #explorationsofacosmicsoul ...
slow down, breathe my love. there will always be something important to attend to. but what could be more important than to sit and be in total peace? •

@alliemichellel I adore you, sweet girl. #yomis

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