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#Fact: Sharks lose teeth frequently - it's not due to bad oral hygiene, but because their teeth commonly get stuck in prey.
#fact Sulli sama Siwon SJ pernah jadi
model Andre Kim.
#Fact #VerandaJKT48 Nama : Jessica Veranda Tanumihardja (Ve)
TTL : 19 Agustus 1993
Agama : Kristen
Zodiak : Leo
FCUK NRG 💡CONSULTANCY | NHS Arts Education England Scotland Wales
CHALLENGE 1. Madman Super Spin Doctor ALISTAIR CA… https://t.co/Jewy7IsZqu
Bringing the #metoo movement to Fresno/Clovis Y'all. | THIS IS NOT OK. and the only restaurant Clovis Unified Sport… https://t.co/GheTeiwcKv
Also Obama is not a "bragger" he's establishing a #Fact he did not have any scandal during his presidency. https://t.co/6xAOTjBXJh
HS_Project_ssul님 제보
헤이세이 프로젝트 앤솔 소설이 5월에 나온다고 합니다! 일러스트 담당은 AREN님이시라고 하네요! #fact
The average cost of a movie ticket in 1940 was 24 cents. #Fact
trump is almost the same as Whitey Bulger with the exception of Whitey did his own hits and trump has putin to do h… https://t.co/rqXSkskU3A
One in every 4 Americans has appeared on television at least once in their life. #fact https://t.co/nT1995DXqf https://t.co/ix2oNz678m
I'm convinced south San Antonio has the highest number of female Air Jordan's in the world outside of the actual Jo… https://t.co/ENjMXmU53T
#Fact – An iPhone has more processing power than the US Air Defence Command had in 1965
After few Taraveehs, you start feeling good and Relax. Try it! #Fact :) #Ramadan
Junhoe terkenal sangat cuek dan dia selalu bertingkah cool sekalipun member lain bertingkah heboh hanya dia yang paling terlihat kalem #Fact
#Fact takut deket2 sama bayi [?] . maka kalo sunny
adalah ‘the best Mom’ dan kalo Tiffany ‘The
Worst Mom’
“ he could break the law, he could break your heart in two, but I promise that you won’t care when he smiles at you… https://t.co/kO9aU6JNhW
In the first 24 hours after launching its video sharing Instagram users uploaded 5 million videos. @TheIACP #socialmedia #fact
▶️#Fact: More people have blue toothbrushes than red ones.
The greatest period of economic growth in U.S. history was when there was no central bank. #fact
#Fact ia adalah koki kedua setelah Hyoyeon di SNSD.
@JayarJackson It is refreshing to drink, gives the satisfaction of soft drinks without the calories/sugars and make… https://t.co/RR6wRySbQQ
Pardoning Jack Johnson is the only decent thing @realDonaldTrump has done all his miserable life. #fact

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