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The Mandie mystery books by Lois Gladys Leppard is what started it all for me! What was it that made you or your kids start to like reading?
Well #nonewbooks2018 is officially dead because I was dumb enough to go to Barnes and Noble on a whim after my tax return came in... also, based on my choice in authors I've apparently become a retired old man. #failed ...
Pro tip: do not put plastic plants right above your burning candle, because they will melt and you will almost set your room on fire 🤦🏼‍♀️ QOTD: Have you ever experienced a bookstagram fail? •

februarybooklove: book and candle!
It's been an extremely long couple of days.
Today came with a day trip away and snagged a couple of books while looking around.📚 I managed to get An Ember in the Ashes for a steal!! It'll be my first ...
Chantal Akerman on the divide between documentary and fiction.
What I am reading- highly recommend both of them 📖
“History has failed us, but no matter. At the turn of the century, an aging fisherman and his wife decided to take in lodgers for extra money.” -Min Jin Lee, Pachinko
▪️This book was something different for me and very ...
And loving it 👤
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Part of the current reading stack. I have the attention span of a cat.
Rasputin’s “Death”

Mavis was obsessed, and even loved, humans. Mavis only knew them from TV and books. Mavis’s Father hated and feared humans, and wanted Mavis to feel the same. So, Mavis’s Father allowed Mavis into a town that ...
I’m jumping in.
Have you read this one?
Chapter 32-
Hayden’s POV
Kenzie’s lips are on mine.
I’m panicking.
I don’t know what to do.
I pull away.
H- what the HELL kenzie?!
K- what?
H- I’m not... Kenzie. I can’t.
I look away.
The elevator dings.
K- ...
Voices Within, by Author Tammy McAtee. Seeking a literary agent for an unpublished novel. Inner journey of healing & discovery

Count your age by friends, not year.  Count your life by smiles not tears - John Lennon

#literaryagent #amwriting ...
World build... What is their food source.
What do they eat.
How do they get it.
Is it ritualistic or rustic
What does it taste like
Are there restaurant or street foods
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Voices Within, by Author Tammy McAtee. Seeking a literary agent for an unpublished novel. Inner journey of healing & discovery

Peace begins with a smile - Mother Teresa

#literaryagent #amwriting #inspirational #fiction #novels #agent #novel #literary #inspire #spiritual #amquerying ...
Diversity in Fiction Sam Kassé - Sensitivity Reading: PREORDER THE SAVIOR'S CHAMPION: Amazon: Amazon UK – Amazon CA –...
Assassination Classroom - Hello, Shooting-Star (Fiction Remix) Beautiful isn't the right word to describe the beauty of this track! Please make sure to follow Fiction if you like the remix! ➤ Please Follow Fiction: SoundCloud: https://soundcloud...
Das erste Bild eines Schwarzen Loches - Der Countdown läuft - Clixoom Science & Fiction Bald schon werden wir das erste Abbild eines Schwarzen Loches zu sehen bekommen. Skript: Christoph Krachten Schnitt: Christian Beller
MASHUP REVIEW [CHICK LIT & LITERARY FICTION] Another fun mashup review!! Timestamps: Roomies: 1:00 The Wedding Date: 3:39 Eleanor Oliphant: 6:05 Books Mentioned: Roomies by Christinia Lauren: The Wedding Date...
Satanic Ritual Abuse: Fact or Fiction? The claims of Satanic ritual abuse have seen a resurgence in recent years. Let's take a look at the claims and see whether or not they're completely unfounded. MUSIC: 1. Jocelyn - Masked...
Ich lese eine PERVERSE Fan-Fiction 😏💦 Diese Fanfiction ist viel zu krass... Instagram ▻ ▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭▭ Werbung: Shop ▻ Buch ▻
Das Internet des Waldes: Wood Wide Web - Clixoom Science & Fiction Es scheint tatsächlich so, dass es im Wald eine Art Internet, das Wood Wide Web gibt. Skript: Christine Kirchhoff Schnitt: Christian Beller
Why White is EVIL in Science Fiction Films A lot of Sci Fi films seem to use White to represent evil characters. We break down in this video why. FACEBOOK: What we're reading and watching:...
Statt Raketen: Aufzug ins All - schon bald Realität? - Clixoom Science & Fiction Ein Weltraum-Aufzug, die die Erde mit dem All verbindet - für immer Science-Fiction oder bald schon Realität? Skript: Christine Kirchhoff Schnitt: Christian Beller
[하사누] 하이라이트(HIGHLIGHT) Concert "Fiction" (4K multi) HIGHLIGHT LIVE 2017 CELEBRATE IN SEOUL Dec 21st ~ 23rd, 2017 (171221~171223) #하이라이트 #하사누 #CELEBRATE #Concert #Fiction #픽션 #4K #멀티 #AX700 #FDRAX700 Sony FDR AX700 4K.

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