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Change is sometimes scary and means stepping out of your comfort zone but the rewards can be huge! It’s time for change, Spring is in the air, time to fuel your body with healthy choices and get moving! #fitatfifty#nikelover#girlboss
#healthygrandma ...
I have enjoyed my fork food today 👌🏻
Legends never die. Always an inspiration. Today's training squat 5x5 bench 5x5 barbell complex 3 reps 5 sets heavy bag 35/30 6 rounds #fitatfifty #fitover50 #homegym #dinosaurtraining #oldmanstrength #claudicationet #claudicatio #peripheralvasculardisease#etalagebenen #strenghtandconditioning #boxing
Another of my fast and easy go-to dinners, lamb stir fry. ~
This is so easy and delicious. Also a great time to clean out your fridge. You can throw anything in this stir fry 😃
Recipe coming soon ...
Post teaching Selfie 😂

Totally knackered but on such a high! A new Client was in class tonight and she said
"I LOVED it! It's like Aerobics but with GRUNT!"
What do YOU love about KONGA®?
Loving working out with these guys #studio281 #workhard #fitness #fun #fitatfifty
Top set on bench last night: 140kg x 4 (x2)
I was making a conscious effort not to flap my elbows about so much
... not that you'd know from watching the vid. :/
It's still being caught between tucking ...
Implements of torture for pain relief and keeping these old muscles in working order. Who’s got a really good regime of rolling and stretching they’d like to share #stretching #foamroller #fitatfifty #crossfit #romwod
Repost from @nodaysoffofficial
Got my sweat on tonight @snakepitmmautah #fitatfifty #fitatanyage #mmatraining #traintofight #fighttowin #hardwork #hardworkpaysoffs #handsup #chindown #mma #gettingoldsucks #fit #goals #remberwhyyoustarted
Words of wisdom—but often hard to live by! We all fall down, but it is that belief that picks us back up and propels us to be extraordinary, even if we are just ordinary 😉 -no quitting allowed! .
If you want to be #fitat50 #fitatfifty you should get #fitat35 first🏃🏽‍♂️🏊‍♂️⛷
I was ready to give up tonight - too scared, too hard - but yet again Hoop won and showed me I’m stronger and more daring than I realise! #fitatfifty #aerialhoop #aerialist #lyra #clairespolefitness #funatthegym
Top set of squats tonight was 207.5kg x 4.
Of course it was supposed to be 5.
Lazy old man.
Bone idle.
Probably can't even count to 5 anyway.
Happy Gotcha day @lizzyythepug
One year ago you arrived in our lives. So shy at first now very much the boss in this house. Obedient when you choose to be but so affectionate too. We all love you so so ...
Even though theses still snow on the ground & it’s a cleanse day, Summer is waiting for nobody 🥊
FIT AT FIFTY by Ankur B Saraiya AEIOU Films presents FIT AT FIFTY by Ankur B Saraiya talent Dilnaz dop Haily Shah production Uttara Jagannath March, 2018 | India.
FitAtFifty - An Introduction to Sit Yoga Ever since discovering Sit Yoga I've been amazed at how much it has helped my fitness. In this video I explain how I use a simple set of moves in my wheelchair and demonstrate how you can do...
FitAtFifty - Setting Goals In this Fit At Fifty video it's time to set yourself goals. Mine is to be fit enough to take part in Parallel London 2017, the fully inclusive mass participation event being held on September...
FitAtFifty - Introduction I'm nearly 52 and it's time to start looking after myself. So I'm starting a video series called Fit At Fifty, where I explore how I plan to get myself fitter and healthier. I will especially...
Fit at fifty! Strength & conditioning training personal trainer Crossfit Gym. Farm Girl fitness Strength & conditioning training personal trainer #CrossfitGym . Aside from walking 4 to 6 miles daily, Farm Girl also carves out time to work out at the gym, either in classes or with a personal...
Fit at Fifty-Exercise Motivation I turned fifty recently and recorded some of my fitness performances. We were genetically created to move and be fit at every age. Are you?
Work out in your Fifties No Medication and Fit at Fifty Check out Lyse's incredible testimonial about working out at 50! More info at

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