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As part of the real estate investment industry, one of the best ways to successfully house flip is to complete mark… https://t.co/L1lobZcJcA
“The demolition process is painful at times. The walls we’ve built have to come down”
#TBT #fixerupper… https://t.co/l9kvPDiQot
Closet and storage space can make or break a property. Being creative with your rehab you can create more space wit… https://t.co/1iGGuBWsAB
“What I’ve come to realize is this is who God is. He sees the potential. Where everyone else sees people for who th… https://t.co/Dahu73Pp6z
Hotel alternatives are popular now. Turning properties into vacation rentals adds money in your pocket with less ha… https://t.co/WDTVP77vcd

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