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Se liga em um trecho do vídeo de Sábado do Bloco do Urso!!!! .
Vídeo completo no insta @entaotomaproducoes, no face ou nosso vimeo!!!
Foi do [email protected]@lh● @blocourso !!!!!!
. #blocodourso #blocodourso2018
#tvurso ...
How To Body A Mainstream Song. & Still Be Lyrical Pt. 7 | 👮🏻‍♂️
For some animosity is a source of power, until they detect their own Dorian Gray picture
2015 Valencia, Spain http://oblab.com #canon #canondigital #canoncamera
#canonphoto #canonphotography #fullframe #oblab #oblabphoto #ob_lab #street #streetphoto #streetphotography #valencia #spain #horses #beach
Extreme ISO set!

A7R III 1/400 F2.8 ISO 10000 + 24-70GM @ 35MM

Let me know what do you think.

#realworld #weshootreal #sony #alpha #a7r3 ...
Paramedic! w/ @trashingtondc
creative direction/styled by: @abstractavantgarde
Full Frame vs Crop Sensor Cameras Explained for Beginners Explaining the merits of full frame vs crop sensor cameras, when's the right time to make the upgrade (if ever), and what it all means! If you're a beginner photographer looking to understand...
Full frame vs Crop sensor | A REAL WORLD COMPARISON! In this video, I shoot with a full frame and crop sensor camera to compare the final images and the results are pretty surprising (Not really) From the portrait test I did, I was able to get...
Switching to Fuji From Nikon Full Frame I've been using the Fuji X system now for a little over two years after switching from a full frame Nikon kit. One of the questions I get asked most often is about making the switch, and...
TOP 5 BEST Full Frame DSLR/M Cameras 2017 Best of Full Frame cameras top5 in 2017 season 2 Comprehensive Full Frame ======================================= "Subscribe and Share" for more Videos https://goo.gl/ITeyLu ======================...
Full Frame vs Micro 4/3 Sensors | Is Bigger Better? Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/jamespopsys Prints & info: http://www.jamespopsys.com --- Micro Four Thirds sensors, and other compact systems get a lot of abuse thrown at them by full...
รายการ Full Frame ช่างภาพสุดขั้ว ซีซั่น 2 อุทยานแห่งชาติกุยบุรี ตอน 1/2 Full Frame ช่างภาพสุดขั้ว กับภารกิจที่อุทยานแห่งชาติกุยบุรี .......... จากพื้นที่...
Do You Need a Full Frame Camera? - Photo Question of the Week How much can be achieved with non-pro equipment and is it necessary to get a full frame body for killer results? Find out in this week's question. Got a question you need answered? Submit...
BELAJAR FOTO #1 Perbedaan Sensor Kamera APSC dan FULL FRAME ada ide untuk video seri #BelajarFoto selanjutnya? tulis di kolom komentar ya.

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