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Speaking truth to power...now I have no other option but to make it happen 😬 #dreamer #dreamingbig #gogetter… https://t.co/qWHp5vSYOB
@voguemagazine @KendallJenner This girl takes a lot of shit from people debating her success… But I can see she is… https://t.co/LwFRMBrtNN
“GoGetter” 2020 Miami Central Rockets (WR) Geo Ribalta with one of his nice catches against the St. Thomas Aquinas… https://t.co/RRmXMWh4aP
@SpeakerShinjini @GeorgiaTech GPA is one thing, hustle and determination is another. Gotta be a #GoGetter to get what you want 💕
Nigeria belongs to God. Spurn evil, all of you who name God as God. #ProjectNaija #EkklesiaMagazine… https://t.co/E3JAF0ppud
Don’t let lack of resources or money keep you from accomplishing your goals. Use what you got and #perservere!… https://t.co/sa1QFcbPwe
You can never be stuck when you leverage the wisdom and creativity of God. #EkklesiaMagazine #Movingforward… https://t.co/blYKiaCflS
What differentiates a Smart Traveller from everyone else? What puts him a cut above the rest? Find out in the Septe… https://t.co/EG27U0z22k
You still waiting for a parking spot? Ain’t nobody giving handouts. Grab life by the balls and chains and get to it… https://t.co/WNAkuF6dzF
Phenomenal Woman, That’s me! 💖💅🏾✨

Hair 💆🏾‍♀️- mz_kimaya
Photo 📸- @adamkostylo

#GoGetter #FierceAndFocused… https://t.co/WMTJUVF7sQ
Hit my next promotion! 🙏🏽 Helping changing lives all from my phone! DM me if you're ready for a lifestyle change an… https://t.co/PGoibG7vOv
Remember its what you do when the stadium lights aren't on that will make them remember you. 🏈🏈💪💪🏆🏆 #moveInSilence… https://t.co/1oCggjsqsQ
If you want something then go get it, don’t wait for others, don’t wait for permission, just go! #striveforsuccess… https://t.co/XvRY6YwvUF
This only way to see SUCCESS is to put yourself out there. You have to want it MORE than you fear the opinions of o… https://t.co/082HMGpJEk
A #Taurus Doll's versatility helps her accomplish her goals. #GoGetter

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