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" No one could ever know me, no one could ever see me
Since you’re the only one who knows what it’s like to be me
Someone to face the day with, make it through all the rest with
Someone ...
#mylife #mylook 😮
Przychodzi taki czas ze życie wymusza na Tobie zmieny, a jeszcze lepiej kiedy to Ty sam chcesz i z rozwagą decydujesz o zmianach 😉

Czasami nie musisz powiedzieć nawet słowa bo wystarczy jak wyglądasz 👍
Zdarzy się ...
😍😍😍 #thebest #goodtime #friends
Riflettiamo su ciò che possiede realmente valore, su ciò che da senso alla nostra vita, e fissiamo le nostre priorità di conseguenza.
We reflect on what really holds value, what gives meaning to our lives, and we ...
Yo no soy de ellos, y tuya tampoco.
Tikky”Can” 😜
"Se ti guardo tu, tu ti metti in posa, ah
Se ti porto a casa sì si gira la mia zona
No, non faccio foto
No, non lascio prova
Sei più bella sì delle cupole di Roma"❤

'You have to believe in yourself. That's the secret'. (Charlie Chaplin)
Lack of confidence in yourself can limit all potential you have and become an obstacle to achieving what you want. Trusting yourself will allow you to gain access ...
'The only thing that is constant is change'. (Heraclitus)
The expectation of constancy in a world based on change leads to disappointment. Disappointment leads to being unhappy. Being unhappy leads to a desire to change.
Everything that exists ...
'I'm beginning to recognise that real happiness isn’t something large and looming on the horizon ahead, but something small, numerous and already here. The smile of someone you love. A decent breakfast. The warm sunset. Your little everyday joys all ...
In this post I will focus on the vibrational frequency of the body & food.
As you know, everything is energy. Everything vibrates with a certain frequency.
What you put in your body directly impacts your vibration (it becomes a ...
'The moment you think that your destiny is predetermined, you become a miserable loser. Trust your own power so that you can shape your own destiny'. (Mehmet Murat İldan)
Destiny isn't written in the stars. Life doesn't know what ...

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