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Goodmorning to our beautiful community ☀️ Shine bright today ✨ Hope you all have a fabulous Saturday 🌸
#goodmorning #wakeup #highvibes #dreamscometrue #womenempoweringwomen #workhardloveharder 💕
Awww yeah! There’s something magical that happens when you find your sweet spot and the grind becomes less hustle and more flow. Alignment within will lead you to this place of flow and ease. .
☘️🇮🇪 May your joys be as deep as the ocean, your troubles as light as its foam + may you find sweet peace of mind wherever you may roam. 🇮🇪☘️Happy St. Patrick’s Day, my friends! #stpatricksday #luckoftheirish #irishblessing
Mantra and prayer of the day, 17 March 2018.

Prayer of Simplicity:

My spirit, you that exist within omnipotence. May you bless me with wisdom and knowledge. I wish that you heal, transform and transmute all lower vibrational energies that ...
I believe there is an epidemic of people searching for their purpose and the search can go on for years. This was my story until I shifted my focus to my inner and higher alignment and to my shock I ...
St Patrick’s Day AND dark moon 🌑❤️
Going live on YouTube later for dark moon wishes/ manifesting and tarot reading for this coming month. Come and hang out. .
#tea #darkmoonwishes #blessedbe #witchywoman #witchesofinstagram #lightisthenewblack #radicalselflove ...
I thank you, baby,
for choosing me.
I thank you, my baby,
for choosing my body.
I thank you, my body,
for growing this baby.
I thank YOU, Almighty,
for we are together. ♡☆
Amethyst and smoky quartz 🤥🤥🤥!!!! FEELING the divine energy of these crystals sent waves of pure love through my being!
#highvibes #ilovecrystals #healing

It’s a new moon 🌝 baby and the stars were aligned for me to shoot on this day. It’s a meaning to it all. You should always reinvent yourself. We are ever evolving. Up early prepping for a shoot staring ...
Proof of good vibrations 💕💕 no matter where she is in the house, the very moment I have finished my practice and melt back into my Savasana, she will come 🐈 she plops herself down to bask in the glow ...
Good Morning! Today’s card speaks of Emotional Abundance, Contentment, Carpe Diem
Tarot of the Day: Ten of Cups
This card symbolizes an all-encompassing emotional fulfilment. One that is not based on wish fulfilment or whims but on soul searching and ...
Courtney from @blooming_lotus_creations and Jillian from @nurturedsalonandspa are hosting a “make your own mala” workshop March 25 , 3-6 pm. This is a wonderful opportunity to set new desires for the Spring season ahead, while creating an intentional piece of ...
Who cares what’s said about you! As long as you know and love yourself that’s all that matters .
Oh, we could use some sunshine on our skin with this cold weather 💏🏖☀💞💓💟💖❤💗💝💕💏 by @markanthonypoet
#innermango #love #happiness #highvibes #divingdeep #awaken #divinefeminine #divinemasculine #innerwisdom #joy #resilient #evolvedwomen #newbeginning #integration #speakyourtruth #rise #thriving #growth #awakenedwoman #awakenedman #twinflame #soullove #divinelove #transformation ...
HighVibes - Tour Na vlnách přátelství (Official promo video) HighVibes kapela ve spolupráci s Linkou bezpečí, z.s. a projektem proti šikaně ''Nenechtobýt'' uvádí Tour Na vlnách přátelství. http://highvibes.cz https://www.instagram.com/highvibesk...
Qeez- High Vibes High Vibes is a single from Qeez latest project 'QeezCorleone'. QeezCorleone is available on all platforms. Follow On SM at : Qeez__ Shot By: ItsThaDigitalAge Model : CharlieBHustle.
The Himalayan Wonder III- Sky High Vibes- Cinematic Mavic Pro drone footage-HD Here's the final chapter & the wrap to our adventurous trip of the Himalayas. The places that you see in the video are en route Koksar , Suraj Tal , Pang , Leh etc . There are still many...
High vibes! Full moon ritual $33 Effective rituals, authentic products, accurate readings. two8spirit8mystic8.blogspot com.
The Himalayan Wonder II- Sky High Vibes- CInematic Mavic Pro drone footage-4K Here's chapter 2 of our adventurous trip to the Himalayas. The places that you see in the video are en route LEH from Manali. The places include Patsio , Rumtse, Moore plains , Gaata loops...
The Himalayan Wonder -Sky High Vibes - Chapter 1 (DJI Mavic Pro - 4k Video) The Himalayas are so mesmerizingly beautiful that we often get lost seeing its beauty. Here is an attempt from my side to show you the himalayas ,but in a entirely whole new perspective. ...

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