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A Silent Film (Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well).mov A Silent Film plays " Danny, Dakota & The Wishing Well" at Subkirke in South Bend, IN (8-24-12)
A Silent Film (Cuckoo Song).mov A Silent Film plays "Cuckoo Song" on a grand Mason and Hamlin piano at Subkirke in South Bend, IN (8-24-12)
A Silent Film (Love Takes a Wrecking Ball).mov A Silent Film plays "Love Takes a Wrecking Ball" on an historic William Johnson and Sons pipe organ (built in 1883) at Subkirke in South Bend, IN (8-24-12)
LINT A young boy does just about anything, to earn money, so he can go to Cornerstone. (This is a semi true story about my little brother Reuben. Oddly enough this ...
rocky loves emily interview.mov Jess Strantz of The Rendition interviews Rocky loves Emily.
art of the fly swatter buy Things you need to think about when picking out a fly swatter.
emery: party song (at the Underground Cafe, South Bend, IN) emery: party song (Live at the Underground Cafe, South Bend, Indiana: 8-15-09) Filmed by Judah Strantz.
let go my yoyo.mov An epic kung fu battle ensues over a yo-yo. This was my first movie attempt. My cousin and I were inspired after seeing a Jackie Chan movie. I'm pretty sure it ...
Etna Green (Rock Fest 6: Underground Cafe's last show 11-14-09) Etna Green plays Rock Fest 6: The Underground Cafe's last show, and wins the battle of the bands. www.myspace.com/etnagreen video by Judah Strantz.
TMW - Josh Dies Acoustic Performance Josh Dies, the lead singer of the band Showbread plays an acoustic song to promote his acoustic tour.
Border Town by Elliott Evans Border Town by Elliott Evans, shot by Judah Strantz www.purevolume.com/elliottevans.
Josh Dies Corbin Kentucky 1/8 Never an Oceanographer and A Showbread Story Josh Dies of Showbread plays at the Corbin Center in Corbin Kentucky on February 10th, 2009. Never an Oceanographer is available on Dies new EP, Talons.
Josh Dies Corbin Kentucky 6/8 The Sky Alpha, It Is Well With My Soul Josh Dies of Showbread plays at the Corbin Center in Corbin Kentucky on February 10th, 2009. The Sky Alpha is available on Showbread's third major album, ...
The Sky a-Showbread (acoustic) Josh Dies is singing the song from their latest album Anorexia. and he sings like two other songs after it. im not sure wat the second song is. but i know he sings ...
Josh Dies explains his tattoos Josh Dies of Showbread, at the Viaduct in Tacoma, Washington on January 19, 09 took any question from the maybe... 30 person crowd that we wanted to ask.
Josh Dies- Sing me to Sleep (acoustic) in Tacoma, WA- Jan 19, 09 Josh Dies of Showbread, on his solo book-reading, acoustic tour singing 'Sing me to Sleep'.
Josh Dies and his knowlegde for Comic books haha. so someone asked him a question and Josh knows his Comic book info!
Josh Dies Talking about his life with Showbread Josh read us a lovely story about his pass events with his road trips with showbread. very funny :)
"Madness is entirely relative" - Josh Dies Acoustic/Book Reading Tour Josh Dies, lead singer of Showbread, speaks about madness and how we all go through it from time to time. On his acoustic/book reading tour for "The Spinal ...
Showbread- Josh Dies [cheese] uhhmm. yeah idk people were yelling out random foods, so i yelled out cheese, and idk how but he heard me adn started this whole thing about it.
Josh Dies talks to ACTIVATE YOUTH!! :D JOSH DIES gives ACTIVATE some helpful advice...
Josh Dies tells a joke. Part 1 Showbread tells a your mama joke. Columbus, Ohio. June 2007.
message to elijah josh dies of showbread sends a message to my 7 year old brother that couldnt make it to the show.
josh got jokes! showbread show at the burning bush cafe 6/9/07.

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