Loath bane poe craft

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Crafting the BEST ELE WAND in Bestiary - A 400 edps SHAPED MONSTER! Hi guys! We did it again! This wand is currently the #1 Wand in Bestiary League! It can be found here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/2117028 ...
Loath Grip Opal Ring: New #1 DPS Ring for All Ele Attack Builds! It's finally... Hi guys! Compilation of several months of what was a crazy rollercoaster of RNG that lead to the creation of this ring! Can be found here, for those interested: ...
2016 12 16 POE - OAK Killed 2016 12 16 POE - OAK Killed Path of Exile game 1:1 일기토 대결.
Crafting $essions? here we make things in poe. sometimes we win, sometimes we lose.
[PoE]Loath Bane Static Strike Full Atziri Run [1.3] Vaals: 2:41 Three Bosses: 4:21 Atziri: 6:18 IGN: Pirat_Beck.
Atziri Run #3 ANOTHER Atziri run, but this time with my new dagger: Loath Bane! Standard Atziri Service Thread#948134 Vaals: 0:44 Triples: 2:11 Atziri: 3:13.

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