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Reading buddy ❤️👦🏻🤓 I hope he enjoys reading 📖 for the rest if his life. So far, he loves books and enjoys identifying letters !!! #inlove #lovemytoddler #momlife #readingtoddler #abclearningtree #proudmomma #martínferoz
He is supposed to be in bed... I had to "rescue" him for the 3rd night in a row. He screamed for help and then we watched him try to climb out of the crib on the
monitor. #loganeli #22monthsold ...
"Mommy, I can't get this toy to work." 🤣
Felt Bow: @bearloveboutique
Model: Layla @thedunsmorekids .
#babiesarethebest #cutebabies #cutebaby #nevergrowup #feltbows #feltbowheadband
💡"It is not what you do for your children, but what you have taught them to do for themselves that will make them successful human beings." - Ann Landers
I Love Chewee 💗 I actually love this picture as these two have been through a journey lol 🏃🏽‍♀️My daughter was terrified by this teddy when it was gifted to her on her 2nd Christmas and she would cry at ...
My blondie in the corner 👦🏼❤️
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🎂The birthday cake is ready soon.
The decoration is still missing, of course, I'll do that tomorrow 😊
Have a nice evening 🎂So langsam nimmt der Geburtstagskuchen gestalt an 😉
Die Deko fehlt natürlich noch, das mache ich dann morgen ...
Ok but can we be serious for a second? I'm getting so fed up with people not understanding I'm a mom first.. even on the bad days, when being a mom is the last thing I want to be doing ...
#beingamom means savoring the details. The way he scrunches his nose when he's grumpy, how he naps with his booty way up in the air, and the way his hair curls at the nape of his neck.
My little man was so good today at his pediatrician check up. Definitely earned his “ice cream” #froyo 😉 He made the doctors and nurses check his Iron Man action figure & weigh him as well (lol).. Ugh.. I love ...
"A baby makes love stronger, the days shorter, the nights longer, savings smaller and a home happier." 🤓

Knot headband: @bearloveboutique
Model: Layla @thedunsmorekids
My little Sage discovering nature in Forest School this morning.
Layla is having a fairy tea party with her sister and they are having so much fun. What do your little ones like playing together? Give me some ideas please!! 👇
Storytime - Wolf in sheep's clothing and a touch of revenge. Generosity gone wrong. First storytime ever but this is going to be a good ride for those of you out there that like them. This is a story of me, a generous person, trying to help someone in need and how it turned...
I BECAME A BETTER PARENT AND PERSON AFTER JANE | Jane E Fendelman MC This training improved my parenting skills! Experience this yourself by clicking here This mother attended Jane Fendelman's parenting seminar in 2017 and walked away...
Garden Tour And Chamomile Harvest Gotta love my toddler whining for his bink in the background lol typical toddler Please like, comment, and subscribe! Thank you all for watching! Many Blessings.
My dream classroom Explaining how I would love my toddler classroom to look like.
A Message to My Children! Pass on the most beautiful message⬇They will thank you! Read more If you enjoyed this please subscribe to our channel. It will help us make more beautiful...
Funny Random things that Toddlers do I love my toddler! She does absolutely a LOT of crazy things! Here are some funny random things that toddlers do!
Are Toddlers A**Holes? | Terrible Two's & Toddler Tantrums | Suzette Says VLOG Hey Family & Friends, Let's face it, toddlers are a different breed. As lovable as they may be, there are times when toddlers can be complete assholes. There's even a whole book written...

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