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How To Check Waitlist Position Always check your waitlist position to get yourself in the class.
How To Complete Placement Completing your placement in college is ideal for you to know what classes you might have to take.
How To Make a New Student Group Counseling Appointment After you accepted the College Terms and Conditions, it's time to make a New Group Student Counseling appointment.
How To Get On a Waitlist If you can't add a class that has an available status, here are instructions to get you on the waitlist. How To Check Waitlist Position: ...
How To Register for Classes Instructions to get you started with your classes.
How to Get a Parking Pass Instructions to get a parking pass through mySierra.
Accepting College Terms and Conditions How to accept College Terms and Conditions to completely become a Sierra College student.
Embed Kanopy Videos in Canvas Learn how to embed Kanopy videos from Sierra College library into your Canvas pages.
Searching Discover Learn how to search Discover to find books, ebooks, articles and more.
Wood Stove All Night Burn We aren't this cold yet, this is a video from a really cold winter and it seemed appropriate to air now while everyone is getting their wood stacked. Enjoy! In case ...
Using Library Links in Google Scholar Use the library links setting in Google Scholar to discover full text articles through Sierra College Library.
Keychain Access on Mac OS X - Tutorial and Introduction A Keychain Access for Mac OS X tutorial and introduction. This video gives users an overview of what Keychain Access on Mac is and how to get started with ...
FOUR Ways to Tell if Your Coach is Real or Faux! In their 60th installment the Chic to Chic Girls tell you 4 easy ways to tell if your Coach Handbag is real or faux! Check it out! You have GOT to see this video!
Wood Burning Stove 101 The instruction portion is only about 12 min's in length. The rest is time lapse. Basic instruction on how to use a wood burning stove. How get one to light ...

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