Nia malika henderson married to glenn beck

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CNN interview w/Heidi Cruz; 1 27 2016 Please subscribe! Senator Ted Cruz's wife, Heidi Cruz, joins left-wing reporter Dana Bash from CNN. Stand with Ted and Carly: Follow Ted: Follow Carly: Like Ted: . Stack the States...
Confederate flag ripple effect John King, Nia-Malika Henderson & Robert Costa analyze the various rhetoric in the Confederate flag debate, which impacts both politics and businesses.
Poll: A Huckabee surge John King, Ron Fournier and Nia-Malika Henderson discuss what has been behind the surge in Mike Huckabee's recent 2016 poll numbers.
CNN Host Hypocrite About Free Speech CNN's Don Lemon said that he supports free speech regarding Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson's anti-homosexual comments in a GQ magazine interview. Yet Don is inconsistent when a day earlier he...

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