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We made it to our first pumpkin patch today and now I’m determined to make an oh-so-popular fall bucket list! Tell me what’s on yours!! 🎃🍎🍂
Trying to get back into the practice of writing. I keep searching for the perfect pen or journal. Tonight I typed a phrase on this awesome typewriter and then pulled out my camera. No writing success. Are you a fan ...
A health vegetable pulao!

Tenderest of corn, carrots, spring onions, tiny florets of cauliflower and lots of cilantro stir fried in a little butter, then mixed with rice.

I always like to make my pulao with more veggies and less ...
I needed to change palettes. Funny how sometimes you just have to find a little inspiration outside your comfort zone. Thanks @collectedhandstextiles 😊
Working hard. 📝
Math review. Writing practice. And reading work with our @wasecabiomes phonetic word and picture cards and booklets. .
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Most days I barely get thirty seconds to carry a single thought, being pulled in six different directions (all my mamas smile and nod). Then there are days where we could sit all day long and bond with nature 🦆🍁 ...
Bevor ihr fragt, ich bin nicjt schwanger 🙊 -#glücklichundfett
Meet Alisha, Managing Director at Zardozi:
The moment he walked into the room holding our baby over his head, despite the pain from my fresh incision, despite the confusion over an unexpected breeched baby or the drugs I unknowingly ...
fall work eats :) spinach/salad base with squash and sweet potato, lentils, quinoa, crispy brussels, chopped almonds and balsamic drizzle 🏅
I can never resist that golden sunset glow. 😍
Sweet dreams.✨🌙💭
Someone asked me to bring my “Monday Mantra” back so here it is: YOU CAN DO THIS! You can do hard things, it will get easier... Pick one thing about today that was good and hold onto it tight like ...
Occulus :: Freedom Tower
✔Wow fiery want a quiet head? ✔Now on sale a unique salad ✔ cutter and garlic grinder !!!! ✔It's the easiest day to make a salad
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