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It's kind of buried in the hash tags, but one of the sexiest #spit clips I've seen. https://t.co/pOWBNksMvZ
Ich habe die erste Folge gehört - geht nicht ins Detail, ist aber unterhaltsam. Ich bleibe dran ... @23andMe… https://t.co/f0NOX6sCtk
Get on your knees and open your mouth, my spit is the closest you’ll get to kissing my perfect lips. 💋

🌀#findom… https://t.co/K4yZpUaMYT
We have applied the listing to Hotbit Exchange a few days ago. And after we get a schedule list, we… https://t.co/PAAj2NJXk3
Just saw the guy to #Spit on some some pizza man i tell ya #Justiceforpizza
@AmandiOnAir @SenateMajLdr No. He is far and away the most loathsome creature in American politics. He probably tak… https://t.co/7kWikoaVfD
Mistress NEEDS a laptop for uni, who's gonna contribute 😏‼️🐶🐷 #bbwdomme #brattydomme @tonybobo3 @help_to_rinse… https://t.co/vTgySsvTli
@NewstalkZB @barbaraAhart They're useless because the law is an ass and protects rapey predators like this one… https://t.co/iaX2HkRzYr
Don’t mind my voice because I’m sick AF but they really thought they could stop a bitches bag 😭😭🙊🤑💰💰

#MyMoneyHaHa… https://t.co/KL0NI7hJeS
LMAO they told me I can’t take out the whole amount at the teller 😭😭 they can only give me $2500 💰… https://t.co/k824aqEnLg
Detroit ballpark worker videoed spitting on pizza at tigers game
#detroittigers #spit #pizza
Detroit ballpark worker videoed spitting on pizza at tigers game
#detroittigers #spit #pizza

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