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deserved to be endgame 💓
ac @galsaudios
sorry for this basic edit
but i am really tired :/
Q: do you like Katherine in 1864?
[5x04 For Whom the Bell Tolls]
this episode made me really happy and broke my heart at the same time

Give credit please💕

Rate season 5 from 1 to 10:)
you’re the one who saved me... | {simple edit}
— cc/ac me
— dt @oepiyus @stileshoe @evilherself
— song dynasty-miia
[fc 5,134]
Who's your favorite character?
stelena perfect finale (8x16) thank you for watching watch in HD STELENA IS ENDGAME fandom:TVD couple:Stelena have a nice day xoxo.
● I was Feeling Epic [Stelena] PLEASE WATCHING IN HD Well I do not know how to start this .. wooo I must say that time passes very fast and 8 years with tvd this beautiful series that I entered in my heart and that was...
Stelena / Stefan + Elena [ 8x16 ] | Hold On Oh my God!! THIS IS THE END! AND IT WAS EPIC! I really love this couple* no matter what they say, but they ended the series! their love is felt in the eyes, it will be eternal and epic. I...
Stelena - Perfect (Ed Sheeran) Hi, TVD is going to end this week and I needed to make a video of the most epic, pure and real couple of the show. Hope you like it. Twitter: @laulrh, now: @lauweslxy.
Stelena ✗ salvation Watch in HD Made with: sony vegas pro 13 Coloring: vahan bio I edited the audio Vine: Instagram: Disclaimer:...
•Stefan and Elena | Crazy in Love | Song: Crazy in Love Show TV: Vampire Diaries Made with Camtasia Stelena Forever.
My favorite Stelena Scenes part 1 Some of my favorite episodes/scenes with Stefan and Elena! There will soon be more parts. There's so many good stelena scenes!! The scenes are not in order :)
Stelena || Photograph I did it. I made a stelena video. It was painful because I really loved them but TVD destroyed the ship so much and it took me time to make this because I wanted it perfect but still I couldn't...

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