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#Iraqi #VP's Coalition claims 'foreign country' supported Asaib Ahl al-Haq’s electoral fraud https://t.co/k3ZwnewaNO
@Dax_x98 @JoeBiden I would definitely #VoteBiden!!!
He has mass appeal; Int'l.
diplomacy; bipartisan respect;
an… https://t.co/MIdpkG8DzM
The great author George Oilwell in 1984 promoted the idea of “alternative facts” and “relative truth.” I like that.… https://t.co/hVbs0d2SMy
On atteint presque les 200 euros de bénéfices, en 2 semaines et en partant d'une mise de départ de 10 euros : Soit… https://t.co/EHxkN93FtW
जेव्हा नशिबाचे नशीब ही
वेळेशी खटके ।।
तेव्हा सावलीला ही उन्हाचे
भासतात चटके ।।

बोहोत दिनो बाद कागज की
कलम से मुलाकात की है ।।
उनकी कुछ बात हो
ऐसी बात की है ।।

@PutinRF_Eng #vp Can you make me a crack KGB man? or better, one of the elite of GRU?
@virtuspro ЗВЕРИ. @dotaSolo @ArtStylee @rodjerdota @ramzesdoto @9pashka молодцы очень приятно смотреть игры(хотя мо… https://t.co/LNagloRrsz
Молодцы @virtuspro молодцы вся команда. @Noone_dota заслужил мерс бро. Вперёд на супемажор и Интернешнл. Порвите вс… https://t.co/XtCwuZezAN
ВП очень сильны, конечно! На одном дыхании они проходят турниры и даже в играх, где они по ходу проигрывают, умудря… https://t.co/txCsvAIei0
The sister that #VP wouldn't speak with while sitting next to her at Olympics.
Ya that went over Big.
What a bunch… https://t.co/CJuTQQzcgG
Rudy just said that “Truth is relative.” I HEREBY DECLARE that anything my relatives say, Don Jr, Ivanka, Jared, bu… https://t.co/PcyEvMzmKW
For those of us who deliver professional services, Social Selling will differ somewhat than for full-time salespeop… https://t.co/XOkuZEFm4t
Buckle up and sit tight, as Crazy Cars is one of the most unpredictable slots ever! #slot #game #casino #VP #bigwin… https://t.co/mSxZn3eGeG
Now it's your turn, @Noone_dota. 😎 С детства за #VP :) https://t.co/GqUAV6h9a6

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