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Pre @F3Omaha, about once a week, I’d do push-ups, at the mile splits, during my run.

Today? Nah bro.

I did:… https://t.co/JIOuwPbViQ
Y10 Boys working hard in PE doing a 4-man medicine ball wall sit. Embrace the BURN. #wallsit #fitness #teamwork https://t.co/yZZHyw23vM
Morning routine =(1min) plank, wall sit, boat, Super Man, deadhang.
Better than caffeine. 😁
#calisthenics… https://t.co/qyW3LNfT5G
🎶Oh what a feeling when we're... Wait, how do they do that whole dancing on the ceiling thing?! I only seem to be a… https://t.co/HSz74nRzKE

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