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"Ain't Heard Of Me Yet" 12/2 MC "Ain't heard of me yet" The debut music video for the first track off my debut album "Suck My Dictionary". Shot and edited by Adam Jungemann at AJ Production Co. Recorded and mixed...
right witcha lol left netgraph on who gives afuck.
Donald Trump is the new president #whogivesafuck For all of you racist bastards out there that are getting the idea that because Trump is the new president that blacks can be called Nigga again you better wake the fuck up.
EMDR Self-Administered Therapy! By Dr.Whogivesafuck Thisworks oooooooooooo pretty colors! Follow any of the big moving squares.
New Super Mario Bros Wii - A Groomp's Rationale - PART 6 - Game Grumps We explain ourselves. OK. OK. CAPITAL JAY EE EE ZEE. Game Grumps are: Egoribbon: http://www,youtube.com/whogivesafuck Jontrap: C:/fuck it.
#SHOUT OUT'S " moree video'ss cominq soon * i fucked up in the editing but WHO GIVE"S A FUCK I REPEAST!
TheFirstTimeIPlayedArcanaHeart.whogivesafuck zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz my sleep schedule is an ass and I like to ramble to myself at night while condors watch villenelle.
Dalton & Stephen - The Cage - Whogivesafuck% We really need to start playing again. :| Gotta fix the machine first.
Tank vs IED To ad to this:Occupy Trashcanistan or do not Occupy Trashcanistan? Go to www.whogivesafuck.com to post your sensless opinions now! Did you guys know there was a Gulf War!!!????? Holy shit!...
Michael Bisping Vs Miika Mehmet Michael Bisping Vs Miika Mehmet CWFC-Strike Force 2 (7/16/2005)

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