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Hahaha, Valentine's Day magic appearance: 800 magic!
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Cow selfie. 🐮💚 My new video is up now, What A Vegan Eats In A Day, the answer is now this sweet baby cow! Check out my video for some recipe, and snack ideas! Link in bio or go to, ...
Video link: "We will poison thier skys, their food and thier water. We will inject poisons into thier children before their imune systems even work. Our blood must never mix with theirs and they must never know they are ...
I'm back new phone so I can start recording again. Got Samsung galaxy s5 loving the galaxy will be looking at getting higher modles.
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Wow!1! Would ya look at that!1!1! Ok so I'm gonna try and be more active on here and attempt to make memes that aren't really funny but if u want to comment/like I won't stop you 👌🏻😤 #meme #dolantwins #graysondolan ...
No matter how
blurry the vision may
be for you to see me,
my vision is so clear.
I'm going to manifest
this thing with every
bone in my body 🦋
I'm so boreddd
#angelsquad #lorengray
New video out please go check it out would love the support #likes #comment #subscribe #youtuber #redhair #dye
HOW TO BE A YOUTUBER - BY LOGAN PAUL! Join the movement. Be a Maverick ▻ 100% results or your money back! SUBSCRIBE FOR DAILY VLOGS! ▻ Watch Yesterday's Vlog ▻...
Minus World - The Nintendo YouTuber Team! Check out all the Minus World Members below!! Hit up Minus World on Twitter! ▻ Hobo Bros ▻ SMG4...
CASA YOUTUBER DE LUJO EN DUBAI SUSCRIBETE PARA VER MAS VIDEOS! SUBO CADA DOS DIAS : Estamos mirando una casa en Dubai donde nos podamos reunir gente que se dedica...
【004】キズナアイ先輩について語ります【バーチャルYoutuber】 こんにちは、カナタヒカリです。 今日はバーチャルユーチューバーの先駆けのキズナアイ先輩について語ります。 キズナアイ先輩のチャンネル...
Moscoso ESCULACHA Felipe Neto após receber várias indiretas em vídeos do YouTuber Conheça O Pau Mandado: Felipe Neto VS Moscoso, a treta continua e dessa vez, o Moscoso postou um vídeo resposta após receber várias indiretas em vídeo do Felipe...
Extrem eifersüchtiger Fan will Youtuber erschießen.. In der neuen Folge #LeNEWS quatschen wir über die extremen Schattenseiten der Öffentlichkeit… und wenn man auf einen eifersüchtigen fanatischen Fan trifft der einen umbringen will… über...
Familiares, amigos e população comparecem ao velório de jovem youtuber Isabelly, um jovem talento que sonhava em trabalhar na televisão, foi vítima de um tiro que atingiu sua cabeça. O velório foi marcado por emoções e homenagens.
Enterro da jovem youtuber Isabelly é marcado por fortes emoções Com longos aplausos de familiares, amigos e pessoas presentes no cemitério, o corpo da menina foi enterrado em um cemitério de Paranaguá.

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